Maintenance and Support

Maintenance & Support

Our technicians are on call 24 hours a day and are ready to serve your facility whenever they are needed to ensure your electrical equipment; switchgear or generator controls are up and running efficiently and trouble-free.

Low and Medium Voltage Systems

On-Site Power Service and Maintenance:
ph: 904.365.4444

Periodic maintenance should be conducted to achieve system longevity and trouble free performance.

Circuit Breaker:

  • Remove and verify cell alignment and shutter operation
  • Clean, inspect and lubricate moving parts and primary connections
  • Perform Contact Resistance Test
  • Perform Insulation Resistance across primary contacts
  • Verify OPEN / CLOSE / CHARGE operation
  • Verify auxiliary contacts and accessories
  • Re-Install and verify operation

Bus and Cable Compartments:

  • Remove covers clean and visually inspect all insulators and insulation barriers
  • Visually inspect all grounding connections
  • Perform Insulation Resistance Test
  • Perform Contact Resistance Test
  • Verify space heater and thermostat (if equipped) for proper operation
  • Re-Install covers

Potential and Control Power Transformer Compartments:

  • Remove and verify cell alignment (if applicable)
  • Clean, inspect and lubricate moving parts and primary connections
  • Perform Turn Raito Testing (TTR) on all transformers

Control Section:

  • Clean, inspect
  • Examine indicating lamps replace as required
  • Check terminal blocks for loose connections
  • Check instrument and control switches and their contacts
  • Inspect primary and secondary fuse connections, replace any blown or incorrect sized fuses

Protective Relays:

  • Clean, visually inspect and tighten all connections
  • Download and save the existing file and examine the event log
  • Perform self-test function, verify proper operation
  • Verify / set proper time and date
  • Trigger the TRIP output and verify proper operation (86 Lock-Out and Circuit Breaker TRIP )
For 24/7 Service: 904.365.4426
Rotabloc System Maintenance

Critical Power Service and Maintenance:
ph: 904.365.4444

The Rotabloc system is inherently simple in its design maximizing reliability and minimizing the maintenance requirements – particularly where AutoLube systems are specified.

IEMPS insist on the highest possible standards and we guarantee to provide dependable routine and responsive non-routine maintenance for your UPS system. Our engineers will work closely with you to provide high levels of on-going support for your facility. Our global team provides the Rotabloc System with professional engineering with world-wide reach. We will be happy to discuss the maintenance requirements for your project and develop a tailored program for you.

CHP Maintenance

CHP Service and Maintenance:
ph: 904.365.4444

A key benefit of IEM Power Systems energy plants is the speed of design, pricing and installation. Since our system is a product that is quickly designed from a standardized library of design templates based on supplied energy profile(s) of the customer, getting to a firm cost and ultimately to a completed installation is at least 25% less time than with a custom build CHP installation.