All critical facilities require uninterrupted, high quality electrical power to support their 24 x 365 mission.

  • The voltage supplied to No-Break Load must remain within the CBEMA curve. (This means that, irrespective of supply voltage disturbances the output to the No-Break Load will always be within specified limits).
  • Any UPS system must be able to accept a short circuit at its input terminals without any interruption to the No-Break Loads.
  • Any UPS system, either Rotary or Static, must be capable of providing TIER 3/4 operation by use of parallel, or isolated parallel, redundancy.
  • All power components (UPS, Diesels, Switchgear) should be capable of expansion in a modular form to provide the ultimate power requirements of the Data Center.
  • The UPS system should be capable of operating at a minimum of 95% efficiency under all ‘normal’ No-Break Load conditions. (25-100% Load)
  • UPS and Power Systems must support the GREEN credentials of the Data Center.
  • Maintenance of all components should be infrequent and easily achieved without stopping the equipment or reducing availability.