RBQ UPS System

UPS 400 - 2000kVA (320 – 1600kW)

The RBT builds upon the Rotabloc Energy Storage Unit to provide a simple UPS system that can be configured to provide the desired level of redundancy and resiliency for your facility. Efficient and sustainable, RBT can be used in low and medium voltage and, in either design, RBT delivers highly competitive CapEx and exceptionally low OpEx leading to an unmatched Total Cost of Ownership.

The system consists of a standard synchronous generator with no special windings and a simple steel flywheel. The low speed shaft extends bearing life and reduces maintenance. The ROTABLOC machine is very robust as critical functions do not use fragile components such as power electronics, power capacitors, electro-chemical batteries, active magnetic bearings, electro-mechanical or mechanical friction clutches.

RBQRBT Dimensions
L x W x H
RBQ WeightControl Cabinet Dimensions
L x W x H
Control Cabinet WeightPower Cabinet Dimensions
L x W x H
Power Cabinet Weight
RBQ 1300-503535 x 1205 x 1745 mm10900 kg1250 x 650 x 2200 mm325 kg4500 x 1050 x 2200 mm3195 kg
RBQ 1600-503535 x 1205 x 1745 mm10900 kg1250 x 650 x 2200 mm325 kg4500 x 1050 x 2200 mm4195 kg
RBQ 2750D-503535 x 1205 x 1745 mm10900 kg1250 x 650 x 2200 mm325 kg6750 x 1250 x 2200 mm7370 kg
RBQ 1200-603225 x 1200 x 1570 mm9285 kg----
RBQ 1600-603535 x 1205 x 1745 mm10900 kg----
RBQ 1900-603535 x 1205 x 1745 mm10900 kg----
RBQ 2400D-603225 x 1200 x 1570 mm9285 kg----
RBQ 2600D-603535 x 1205 x 1745 mm10900 kg----
RBQ 3300D-603535 x 1205 x 1745 mm10900 kg----
Features Benefits
Outstanding voltage conditioning
  • Protects equipment against mains voltage fluctuations, sags and microcuts
  • Naturally compensates power factor without need for PFC equipment
  • Filters load harmonics and voltage harmonics from mains
  • Eliminates flicker
Total power failure protection
  • Sustainable continuous power supply
  • Ride-through mode covers 90% of mains failures without genset start
  • Flexible DRUPS solution when configured with standard genset
Robust rotary technology
  • Conventional electrical / mechanical machine
  • High reliability
  • Low cost maintenance
High effciency
  • Energy saving
  • Unrivaled low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Green technology
High short-circuit power
  • Fast fault-clearing capacity ensuring protections selectivity
  • Suitable for high peak currents (motors and mechanical loads)
  • Suitable for high crest factors (non-linear loads)
Modular and resilient “Plug & Run”
  • Flexibility from day one
  • Scalability for future extension
  • High resilience thanks to full redundancy without single point of failure
  • Ideal for Tier III / Tier IV applications (Uptime Institute)
Easy interfacing
  • User-friendly digital display (HMI)
  • Basic interface via simple contacts
  • Powerful communication features :
    • SCADA / BMS interface via MODBUS RTU/TCP
    • Internet access
    • PC supervision
    • Remote monitoring, alarming and paging features
Low maintenance
  • Simple maintenance operations
  • Unaffected up-time: no need to stop UPS during maintenance
  • Automatic Lubrication System for maximum reliability and lowest TCO

The RBT has been designed to be the central component in the power system of any facility that requires power protection and improved power quality - existing clients include: Data Centers, secure government facilities, research projects, banks, Air Traffic Control and manufacturing plants.

The RBT utilizes the 'simply reliable' Rotabloc energy storage unit which is available in a wide variety of power ratings and adds power and control cabinets to create a relatively simple, and highly adaptable, UPS system.

The RBT can be used singularly, but they are most commonly used in parallel to create redundancy and the resiliency required when running Critical loads that must never lose power during operations.

RBT Systems can be used in conjunction with Low and Medium Voltage power systems and provide, along with the highest levels of reliability, a very sustainable UPS solution.


Our highly efficient UPS supports your aims to minimize your environmental impact and mitigate the effects of rising energy costs in the future. Our ROTABLOC design, almost all steel and copper, ensures that it is over 99.97% recyclable.

  • No batteries – no need for expensive replacement cycle / no costly disposal of hazardous materials
  • No air conditioning required – providing a/c for battery rooms is a significant cost and impacts the environment
  • Dynamic Autonomy Control (DAC): Automatic speed adaptation for optimum efficiency at partial load with FULL critical load protection
  • 91% of all voltage interruptions last less than 1 second (European urban locations) the RBT protects the load without generator starts*.

*This is configurable to maximize RBT power output or compensate for short interruptions.