On-Site Power Generation

On-Site Power Generation

IEMPS deliver custom designed On-Site Power systems in a range of configurations to suit your facility’s requirements. Our innovative fully integrated control schemes provide a simplified solution for managing the generation and distribution of your buildings power.


  • Water Distribution and Treatment
  • Healthcare
  • Resort and Hotels
  • Data Centers
  • Oil & Gas
  • Institutional
  • Education
  • Utility
  • Marine


Emergency Standby

Emergency Standby systems typically consist of one or more generators with an automatic starting system and a transfer switch to connect the generator(s) to the load. The generators are utilized only when commercial power fails. Many owners are realizing that this “standby” equipment can be put into more constant service and save thousands of dollars in utility costs.

Prime Power

Prime Power systems provide all the power for a given installation. There is no normal connection with commercial power. In some cases the utility might serve as emergency standby to the on-site prime power system. IEM Power Systems can provide the basic controls required for this relatively simple system.

Base Load

Base Load systems use the on-site power generation equipment to provide for the constant, essential, and continuous loads. Commercial power is imported to handle peak and variable loads. IEM Power Systems synchronizing and paralleling switchgear along with import/export controls and utility protective relaying provide a fully integrated and reliable system.

Peak Shaving

Peak Shaving applications use the on-site power generation equipment to handle variable loads above a given maximum level or peak. This helps the customer avoid costly “demand” charges from the utility company.


Co-generation systems may use the electrical power in any of the above arrangements and they recover useful heat energy from the prime movers exhaust and cooling systems. This heat may be used directly in a manufacturing process, space heating and air conditioning, or to drive additional electrical generating equipment.

Resource Recovery

Resource Recovery systems capture an otherwise wasted fuel source such as landfill or digester gases to run electrical generating equipment. Generated power is used to run the plant itself with surplus power being exported to the commercial grid.

Whatever application your facility requires IEM Power Systems can work with you to develop an optimized solution to maximize the benefits of your investment in on-site power.

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