IEM Power Systems have extensive knowledge of low and medium (to 15kV) voltage electrical distribution and control systems. Our service team will methodically test and service your equipment.

Low and Medium Voltage Systems

On-Site Power Service and Maintenance: 
ph: 904.365.4426

Your facility depends on a reliable and safe power system and, although our equipment is robustly built with trusted components, we recommend routine inspection and maintenance of each element of the system.

Our expert team can provide responsive service and maintenance for your power system.

The benefits of a well-planned and executed maintenance program include:

  • Longer life of equipment and less frequent replacement of components.
  • Reduced time on repairs and overhauls; and the option of scheduling them at an opportune time.
  • Fewer failures with unexpected outages and unexpected downtime.
  • Timely detection of any undesirable operating conditions which requires correction.
  • Improved plant performance and increased operating economies.

IEM Power Systems will provide options for the maintenance of new equipment. We are always available to discuss the provision of routine or non-routine maintenance, upgrades and repairs outside our warranty period.

For 24/7 Support: 904.365.4426
Rotabloc System Maintenance

Critical Power Service and Maintenance:      
ph: 904.365.4426

The Rotabloc system is inherently simple in its design maximizing reliability and minimizing the maintenance requirements – particularly where Auto Lube systems are specified.

IEM Power Systems insist on the highest possible standards and we guarantee to provide dependable routine and responsive non-routine maintenance for your UPS system. Our engineers will work closely with you to provide high levels of on-going support for your facility. Our global team provides the Rotabloc System with professional engineering with world-wide reach. We will be happy to discuss the maintenance requirements for your project and develop a tailored program for you.