The harvesting of renewable energy from sources such as solar and wind power requires equipment to safely and reliably collate and prepare power for local use or distribution over the grid.

Our experienced team will work with you to determine your needs and deliver the infrastructure that will facilitate sustainable power generation, providing individual components or a fully integrated solution.

IEM LV /MV products include custom designed panel boards, LV Switchboards and MV Switchgear that can be housed in your control building to manage the distribution of electrical energy harvested by your power generation facility.

IEM 38kV Medium Voltage Metal-Clad Switchgear is a highly customizable indoor / outdoor (NEMA 1 / 3R) solution for applications where a higher power rating is required.

Substations – IEM Power systems substations have been developed to convert the power generated at your facility to a distribution voltage. We offer a full range of individual products through to fully integrated, packaged substation solutions.

Rotabloc UPS & Power Conditioning – Some energy recovery and generation facilities are highly dependent on an uninterrupted, high quality power supply for control systems, pumps and communications. IEM Rotabloc guarantees a continuous supply of high quality electrical power for this application.