IEM Markets - Rresorts

Resort complexes are often remote from an available power grid and consequently depend on on-site power generation. Power could be from a variety of sources that may include diesel engine gensets and renewables. IEM has a wide range of offerings to power resorts.

IEM Low and Medium Voltage (to 38kV) products include custom designed LV panel boards and LV/MV switchboards – allowing the design and implementation of an optimal power distribution solution for your resort.

IEM Generator Paralleling Switchgear allows safe and dependable control of multiple generators and other power sources as they serve a range of loads. IEM systems provide monitoring and management of all power inputs and loads as supply and demand conditions change. Our systems are modular, scalable and can be sited indoors or outside in NEMA rated outdoor enclosures or e-houses.

Unit Substations. Where resorts are connected to the power grid, IEM Power systems unit substations convert the distribution voltage from the utility to the voltage required within the facility. Our unit substations are designed to work with your choice of commercially available transformer and with a compact footprint they can be installed outdoor or indoor to meet your needs.

Substations – Off grid resorts are increasingly looking to renewable energy to power their activities. IEM Power systems substations have been developed to prepare power generated locally for distribution across the resort. We offer a full range of individual products through to fully integrated, packaged substation solutions.

Rotary UPS Critical Power Protection – Some elements of a resorts operations such as IT, communications, safety and security systems require uninterrupted power 7x24. IEM Rotabloc UPS is available in a wide range of sizes to deliver continuous power to your ‘critical’ loads. Rotabloc is a simple and robust system that almost maintenance free and is very reliable, particularly in challenging conditions of heat and humidity.