Marine Solutions

IEM Marine Solutions

IEM Marine is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of electrical monitoring control and distribution systems for the marine industry. Our major strength is in how we design and configure these manufactured products to produce a complete custom solution for your unique project.

We further enhance our system packages by customizing a variety of components from leading equipment manufacturers in the industry.

Solutions for All Marine Applications:
  • Research Vessels
  • US Navy Ships
  • US Coast Guard Vessels
  • US Army Corps of Engineer Vessels
  • Tugboats
  • Passenger/Vehicle Ferries
  • High Speed Ferries
  • Commercial Fishing Boats
  • Offshore Supply Vessels
  • Luxury Motor Yachts
  • Casino Boats
  • Pilot Boats
  • Patrol and Fire Boats
  • Oil and Gas

Cochran Marine Shore Power Systems Powered by IEM Marine

This animated video illustrates the components of the Cochran Marine / IEM Marine Shore Power System. This fully integrated system allows vessels in port to quickly and safely transfer supply of their power supply from auxiliary diesels to the local grid supply. This significantly cuts diesel emissions, promoting a cleaner port environment and is already required by regulation in some regions.